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The Concept
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The Concept 

A place where you will feel the portuguese soul: sleep in the Poets’ room, go sailing in the Portuguese “caravela”, dream with beautiful mermaids, read a book with Fernando Pessoa, travel in the yellow Tram or sing a song with Amália Fado singer.

Portuguese Soul is a charming antique bulding completly renovated located in the heart of the historic Lisbon. It comprises 3 beautifully decorated apartments rented all together, perfect for up to 15 people. 

You have the choice of several thematic environments including Portuguese discoveries, Poetry, Crochet, 28 Tram, Tiles and Fado music.

Staying here is like going back in time. At the Portuguese Soul House, you will be immersed in an antique environment with its paintings, frescos, wooden ceilings, vintage furniture, Portuguese traditional tiles and embroidery.  

There are more than 10 crystal chandeliers throughout the house to "brighten" your stay! 

Portuguese Soul: the perfect place for nourishing your mind and soul.